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6 Money Saving Tips When Buying Your New Car

December 5, 2017

Are you saving up your hard earned money to buy a new set of wheels? Listen up because we have some expert tips that will not only help you save, but will ensure you get your hands on your dream car sooner rather than later.


There is a daily, weekly and monthly budget that eventuate into a yearly budget for any successful business, including car dealerships. At the end of the month as the budget nears, sales people will want to make sure they get over the line to keep their jobs and get commission. Make sure you go at the end of the month as this will probably mean deals will presented to you will be cost efficient.


So you want the latest and greatest, but who’s to say that last year’s model isn’t just as great as the newest model. Because of the fact that newer models are rolling in you will get a better deal on last year’s vehicle for virtually the same thing.


Before you go out to buy a car make sure you know how much money you have to spend and stick to it. This will ensure you don’t look back in regret a couple of years from now for being swindled into a deal you didn’t want in the first place.


Make sure to settle on the exact price of your new vehicle before you let it slip that you want to trade in your old set of wheels. If you don’t do this the dealer may talk the talk and you will walk away paying far more than you should have in the first place.


Don’t fall for the extras you don’t need. This will only set you back and really how much rust protection does your car actually need? Add on extras allow for higher commissions, but the simple truth is you don’t need those trimmings. Write down which extras you actually want before going to the dealership.


Have a look online for all the options that dealerships can give you when purchasing your car, because they are out there, but nobody hands out freebies if they don’t have to. Discuss free oil changes if the opportunity presents itself and other cool things.

At the end of the day these dealerships should be fighting for your money. By following these tips you will sure be rolling out of the garage with new wheels in no time.