Booking a Fishing Charter

Are you planning to go on a round of fishing for your upcoming vacations in Cairns? The best way to do so is by booking a fishing charter in Cairns. The number one reason why booking a charter is the way to go is that you don’t have to worry about mooring your own boat. However the real question which arises is to how to pick the right fishing charter? The following are a few things that you should consider when booking a cairns fishing charter.

Pick a charter which is closer to where you live

This is pretty important because there is absolutely no sense in going for a carter which is halfway across the city. Despite the fact that you might be getting a great rate at a marina which is located away from your lodge, keep in mind that the boats do leave pretty early. So imagine having to wake up at 5 or even earlier in the morning just to make sure you reach on time. When you are on vacation, waking up so early can be pretty much difficult.

What kind of fishing are you interested in?

Are you looking for inshore or off shore fishing? The kind of fishing you are interested in would be a deciding factor in choosing the right fishing charter in Cairns. Make sure you ask the fishing charter what kind of fishing opportunities they provide. Get to know what kind of fish they catch and then make a decision.

The number of people accompanying you

Are you solo or you have your family along with you? Would you be interested in spending half a day enjoying with the family? The number of people accompanying you would help you decide the right kind of carter. Whether you would like to share a fishing charter with the rest of the tourists or rather hire your own private one? Shared charters work well if you don’t mind sharing a ride with other people. It can be an interesting way to spend a few hours fishing and socialising.

The duration of the charter

Are you looking to spend a complete day on the sea enjoying the fishing and the lovely weather or you are good with just a few hours on the sea? However you need to keep in mind that if you are looking for some serious fishing you might have t spend longer time in the water.

The captain of the charter

It would be helpful to research a bit about the charter and its captain online. Get to know other people’s thoughts and ideas and how does the captain operate the vessel. You should make sure their boat has the standard equipment and should be big enough to accommodate the number of people who are booked for the trip. Also some boats have a limit to actually how far they can venture into the sea. So make sure you do your proper research and then make a final decision.

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Airport Transfers

Modernisations in technology come also with the demand for fast, reliable and affordable transportation for the public. An ordinary citizen, a tourist or a businessman needs to arrive at certain destinations for a different objective or purpose in life.

This is why cheap airport transfers in Wollongong have thrived and prospered over the years not only because of their desire to earn but also to give their clients and customers a comfortable ride home or in going overseas, regardless of who they are.

The next time you arrive from a business trip or planning to have an extended vacation in the middle of nowhere, consider the following wheels:

The cab or taxi

This is commonly the most straightforward and most affordable ride you can avail. If you travel alone, then you can sit in front next to the driver while your luggage is on the backseat. For people who carry a lot while on an adventure, a baggage compartment is ready to accommodate the rest of your stuff. Cabs can accommodate 2-4 passengers excluding the chauffeur.

A  passenger van or minivan

The next time you travel with your friends and loved ones, consider hiring this transportation for an airport transfer. The vehicle comes with either an air-conditioned unit or a non-air edition. Ride in style and comfort with its soft-cushioned regular seats. You can settle large suitcases or bags at the back and place smaller ones beneath the adjustable seats. The service comes with either an HD movie from a single collapsible screen or country music from a stereo MP4 player.

Family shuttle van services

This transport is quite slim compared to a passenger van which can accommodate 6-8 people plus extra smaller baggage. The vehicle’s body is sleek that comes with transparent glass windows which allows sightseeing to passengers while on the way to their destination.

Bus for hire

This type of transport is fit for a large group of individuals like a delegation of participants to a congress or a convention. Buses can take you anywhere you want to go on a fixed or agreed price. It saves you time and money since it can go one way without stops to a nearby airport without thinking that something or someone was left behind.

Royal carriage limousine

Feel like a member of a royal family on this type of vehicle. Ideally built for dignitaries from monarch countries while attending a conference. The service comes with security personnel and a bullet-proof glass as added protection.

Wedding limousine

Ideal for the groom and bride from the far corners of the world. It’s also classy for newly-weds and for gentlemen who would like to have a romantic marriage proposal. Feel like a prince or princess in this luxury ride. Bring your spouse to Italy or Paris for a much-awaited honeymoon.

Considering what you just read will allow you what to hire the next time you fly alone or with a special person in your life. When you make use of Wollongong’s cheap airport transfers, you are in good hands given the following:

  • Friendly, accommodating and duly licensed chauffeurs
  • Registered and duly accredited transport companies and operators
  • Insured vehicles with third-party liability insurance for passengers (TPL)
  • Accredited tourist airport transfer services
  • Research-guided business principles in transportation
  • Stress-free transfers in case of delays caused by overheating or engine malfunction.
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Share the Power of the Whales

Join in the Magic of Whales in Hervey Bay

Take a Whale Watching Tour in Hervey Bay

Tourists coming to Hervey Bay are in for an amazing journey. Each year, humpback whales migrate from the cold waters of Antarctica to enjoy the warm waters of Queensland. The really fortunate part for tourists is that the whales make their stay in Hervey Bay the longest of all the whale watching season. From August to November, tours are available every day.

That whale season in Hervey Bay starts in late June and continues until mid-November, during which time the mother whales teach their calves how to survive in the ocean, and to relax and rest before their migration back to Antarctica. This gives us time to go watch the whales as they use Hervey Bay as a birthing area and kindergarten for their newborn calves.

What to Expect? Expect the Unexpected!

This is where tourists can enjoy a spectacle of nature that is so moving, so powerful, that it will stay with them for a lifetime. If those tourists have a bucket list to fulfill, this is definitely one of the places to go. People will be able to see the playful, majestic whales interacting with their curious human counterparts.

It’s easy to get up close and personal. People can either paddle out on surfboards or ride in canoes or rafts, and enjoy the massive, majestic whales in their natural element. This is nothing like a documentary on the television. Not at all! This is an in-your-face experience like no other as these gentle giants frolic with one another, and sometimes, with their human visitors.

Humpback whales are extremely intelligent and very curious. It’s not unusual for them to come up to a boat, roll on their side, and look directly at the humans in the water beside them. This is a breathtaking experience that will be forever cherished. Be sure to take a camera on this trip. Envious friends and family members will be delighted to share these experiences, even if only second-hand.

The humpback whale is also known to be the most acrobatic of its seagoing companions. They display their skill by breaching water, tail- and fin-flapping, and spy-hopping. When out with them on a raft or boat, be ready to share in their fun. Some of the adult whales have been seen to breach water from twenty to thirty times in a span of just five minutes. With them frolicking right beside those lucky tourists, it’s impossible to not be drawn into their joy at their heart-stopping antics.

Listen and Enjoy the Songs of the Sea

One of the most wonderful experiences is to hear the songs of the whales. Their vocalisations are typically done during breeding. Only the male whale sings, and each different family of whales has their own song. Each family’s males sing the same songs year after year, though their annual songs may have slight differences. These songs can last up to thirty minutes and can be heard from many kilometers away. This is definitely a must-see (or hear) experience for any nature lover.

When all is said and done, and tourists slowly head back home, they can take home the memories of a lifetime. It’s time now to come enjoy the whales in Hervey Bay, so make a reservation soon!

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Place settings, tables, and chairs are empty before the guests arrive at a wedding reception.

Five Ways To Save Money On Your Wedding Reception

The wedding reception is considered by many people to be one of the most important aspects of the wedding. Even though the wedding ceremony is supposed to be the primary concern, more people worry about the reception than anything. This is the portion of the wedding that is a form of a reward for those who have potentially journeyed what could be hundreds or thousands of miles to attend your wedding. However, it’s always a good idea to save as much money as possible. Here are five simple strategies that you can use to save money on your wedding reception.

Choose The Right Day

When you are choosing a day to get married, and also have the wedding reception, choosing the right day can mean all the difference in the total cost. Although most people do want to have this on the weekend to cater to those that would not be able to travel during a weekday because of work, it’s also the most expensive time to have one. If it is possible, get married on a Sunday. Never be married on a Saturday, and you should certainly never have a wedding reception on Saturday either.

Get Estimates On Different Locations

The second strategy is to take your time and look for all of the different areas of the city where you can have this. Some of them might be in the country. You need to get estimates from all of these different venues so that you can choose one that is affordable that both of you will like.

Get Married Toward The End Of The Off-Season

Third, you need to get married toward the end of the off-season. For example, people like to get married starting in October, all the way through May. Therefore, you might want to choose a wedding that will happen in September. This is probably where you’re going to save the most money.

Compare Prices With Every Cater

Fourth, you need to compare the prices on the different wedding caterers. The caterers are very important individuals when it comes to the wedding reception. They are going to provide the food, refreshments, and may also have something to do with the cake. When you get quotes from all of the different caterers, you will find one that is substantially lower than all of the others.

Have Your Wedding And Reception At The Same Location

Finally, and this is very important, you need to have the wedding reception adjacent to where you got married. Wedding venues like The Tradewinds Hotel will almost always work a special deal with people that are willing to have the reception on the same site. It may not be a two-for-one deal, but you are certainly going to save money.

If you have been planning your wedding for quite some time, and you are now getting to the part about the reception, you definitely want to consider using all of the strategies. In addition to this, you may want to consider not having certain things out the reception that other people may not even want. For example, having someone sing at your wedding, or having live music, may not be a necessity. By cutting corners, and choosing the right time of the year, this is going to help you save the most money. If you can get married, and have the reception, at the same location, it will likely make all of this very affordable.

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7 Cheap First Date Ideas That Don’t Suck

Do you need some cool date ideas that are sure to impress, but at the same time wont set you back millions? We have all the best places for you!


Tandem bikes are a hoot and will have your date laughing the whole time. It is relaxed and there are cheap rental options online.



Go on a ferry ride if you want a cheap change of scenery. It’s a great way to explore both your local area and each other.


Check out the latest collections at your local museum by checking them out at discounted prices or on free museum nights.


Go to an arcade with your quarters and have a laugh on your unconventional date. Make it interesting and have the loser pay for a round of drinks.


Go to a book or poetry reading and get a culture kick to boot.

#6 VIP

There is nothing better than some great cheese and a bottle of wine. This can be a fantastic date night and you can get to know each other whilst relaxing in a comfortable setting.


Go for a hike at your nearest wilderness trails. Getting in touch with Mother Nature and throwing in a workout will be a great way to relieve first date jitters.

Dating doesn’t have to be expensive and there are loads of options out there. These will get you started and will see you through a fabulous time.

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